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Born in Tel Aviv, 1958, Eliaz Slonim is seventh generation born in Israel. He studied art at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv, and fine art at the E’cole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France, specializing in lithographs and classic techniques. Slonim also studied photography at Camera Obscura in Tel Aviv, and completed Curatorial and Critical Studies at Camera Obscura and at the Teffen Museum in Israel.

Slonim was a member of the Advisory Council to the Minister of Education on the subject of Contemporary Dance, and a member of the Artistic Committee for Israel's International Contemporary Dance Festival.

Today he is an active exhibiting member of Artspace Tel Aviv. He teaches drawing and painting privately and in groups. His works are part of private collections in Israel, Germany, Sweden, England and the U.S.



Solo Exhibitions (selection)

1985 To the Market I’ll Go, Aphstiod Gallery, Holland

1986 My Little Clown, Rashi Center, Paris.

1989 You and I, 13 and a Half Gallery, Tel Aviv.

1990 Stage Animal, Susanne Dallal Center, Tel Aviv

1990 A Nest for a Bird, Shlush Gallery, Tel Aviv

1991 His Nose Is Long, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

1995 Open the Gate, Artists’ Association House, Tel Aviv

1997 Scent of autumn, An exhibition at the Tel Aviv Center for Performing Arts, Tel Aviv.

1998 Alice in Wonderland, Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv. (+Catalogue)

1998 Plexus, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv. (+Catalogue)

1998 On The Way To The Little Prince, Art Now Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2001 Snow White Expressions, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2001 Snow white in Wonderland, Municipal Gallery, Holon.

2001 Beauty Land, Souvretta House, St. Moritz, Switzerland.

2002 "Album", Kino Gallery, Berlin (Curated by Gabriele Muschter) + Catalogue.

2003 "Album", Kunsthalle im Art'otel Dresden.

2009 "My Family and other creatures" Ha'omaniya, Tel Aviv

2007 "Wide Open" Gebo Gallery
2009 "My Family and other creatures" Ha'omaniya gallery Tel Aviv
2017 "Go Ask Alice" Tiroche gallery Herzliya


Group Exhibitions (selection)

1985 "From the bible to our days" Petit Palais, Paris

1986 "Artists painting the stage" La Maison De La Radio, Paris

1992 International Prints Exhibition, Dusseldorf

1995 "Song Of the Earth" Leipzig

1996 "Masks" (for the Prince Chales's Trust) London

2008 "Black & White" Ha'omaniya, Tel Aviv

2012 "Line" Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
2016  "Artist Walls" Artspace Tel Aviv
2017  "Artist Walls" Artspace Tel Aviv

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